Testimonials From Real Vein Care Specialists’ Patients

When I hit my late 40s, early 50s I noticed I had developed many varicose veins in my legs.  Although there was some pain associated with them I did not want to undergo surgery. I had observed an Army buddy who’d undergone surgery for his many years ago and whose recovery from the surgery was brutal.  He was pretty much a cripple for six months and in considerable pain.

Several months ago I ran across an article in AARP’s magazine that talked about the new laser procedures now available for remedying a person of varicose veins.  I went to my primary care physician and told him I did not know if my insurance would cover this new procedure or not but that I wanted to explore getting my varicose veins fixed because of my concern about blood clots.  Fortunately, my insurance did provide coverage for the treatment.

My primary care physician recommended Vein Care Specialists to me.  I went for an initial consultation and ultrasound vein mapping, which determined that I could benefit significantly from undergoing the laser procedure, followed by foam treatments.  I’ve now had the procedures on both my legs and am very pleased with the results.  There was some discomfort but it was very minimal and I felt it certainly worth undergoing a little discomfort to have the fear of further, more significant pain and the risk of blood clots eliminated.  My legs look much better too.

I would highly recommend anyone who has varicose veins to contact Vein Care Specialists and schedule a consultation.

Robert S.
Lakeland, FL

I am a professional tennis player.   I have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins. Both my father and my sister have them.  However, with mine, despite being athletic and in great shape, I began to experience pain about 7-8 months ago from the varicose veins.  Since I make my living by playing tennis, I needed to resolve the pain issue.   A friend of mine is a plastic surgeon and because I thought the varicose veins were an aesthetic issue I went to the plastic surgeon to seek treatment. However, he referred me to Vein Care Specialists.

After the first laser treatment, I was back competing in Europe within 3-1/2 weeks.  There was a minimum level of pain during this time but it has now dissipated.  I’ve had foam ablation and other procedures in the intervening months and I am extremely pleased with the results.  I no longer have the unsightly veins, and I am no longer in pain.

Milos K.
Lakeland, FL

For over 25 years, I have suffered with severe pain due to varicose veins in both legs.  Part of my condition was hereditary, part from being overweight.  I ultimately lost a significant amount of weight through diet changes and exercise.  My chosen exercise was running but because of the pain from the varicose veins I was not able to continue my running regimen.  I just felt the pain was something with which I would have to live, until a relative of mine familiar with laser treatment of varicose veins told me about how simple the treatment is and how well it works.  I was skeptical at best.

I had my first treatment in July 2009 and was amazed at the relief from pain and the disappearance of the ugly, protruding veins with which I had been plagued for years. If I had not had another treatment I would have been satisfied with the improvement.  However, I did go ahead and have the laser procedure on the other leg.  It is wonderful to be pain free and to be comfortable wearing shorts since in the past I was always very self-conscious of the bulges caused by the damaged veins.

Just prior to having the second leg done, I went on vacation.  Normally after sitting for even a short period of time, I have severe shooting pains in my legs when I stand up.  On vacation, after driving for a period of time, I stopped and got out of the car.  It was a very strange sensation in that the leg on which I had the laser procedure had no pain at all, while the other leg had the normal shooting pains.  Because of so many years of just coping with the pain, it took a few moments to figure out why the one leg hurt and the other did not.

I encourage anyone who might be suffering, thinking nothing can be done, to contact the team at VCS and see what they can do for you.

Phil C.
Perry, FL

All of my family has for years struggled with varicose veins and the resultant pain, swelling and discomfort but none of them ever did anything to alleviate the problem. Each year when I came to Radiology & Imaging Specialists (RIS) for my annual mammogram, I noticed the Vein Care Specialists (VCS) brochures in the lobby. I read with interest about the non-invasive laser treatments for varicose veins. A couple of years passed and I finally decided to schedule an appointment with VCS, whose office is conveniently located in the RIS Women’s Imaging Center. I was pleasantly surprised at how well I was treated. All the procedures were explained to me in detail. All the VCS staff treated me like I was family. They made me feel very comfortable.

For many years I’d suffered with swelling and pain in my legs plus the inability to be able to sit or stand comfortably for more than a short period of time. So far I’ve only had one treatment and within a week of the procedure I have no more pain in that leg.

I am anxious to get the other leg treated so that I can be pain free. An added benefit is being able to wear shorts again without embarrassment because of the large protruding veins on my legs.

My supervisor and a work colleague have already made plans to come to Vein Care Specialists for a consult since I’ve had such excellent results.

I highly recommend VCS for any person suffering with varicose veins.

Deborah F.
Lakeland, FL
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